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IT Relocation

Whether you undertake a full-scale relation or organising internal moves, information technology is a vital component which requires meticulous planning and the technical resource available to ensure success.


Grayline IT understands the need to get your IT equipment up and running from day one so a project manager will liaise closely with your IT Facilities staff to ensure that nothing is missed at the planning stage and that all critical schedules are understood and achievable within the time frame available.


De-Commissioning is handled by Grayline IT in accordance with client’s requirements and to manufacture specification.  A full audit trail is created to ensure all items and configurations are accounted for.  Cable bags and computer boxes are provided to ensure that the integrity of the equipment is maintained.

Experienced IT packers will ensure that all IT equipment is packed in anti-static bubble bags before each complete unit put in its own computer box along with its associated cables and peripherals.

Vehicles with air-ride suspension are then utilised to transport IT equipment to its new location.


Once the equipment has been correctly placed and unpacked by our move team, Grayline IT technicians then re-commission according to the pre-arranged plan with the client.  The extent of the service provided at this stage can range from simple re-commission to full network re-configuration and testing.  Additional services include ISDN, PSTN and internet connection.


In order to comply with Electricity at Work regulations, portable appliance testing (PAT) must be carried out on an annual basis.  Relocate IT can also provide this service, labelling tested equipment and providing the client with certification either in hard copy or as a computer generated on line record.


Grayline IT has a team of specialist IT Cleaners, which can be deployed in or out of office hours to maintain your standards of cleanliness to your IT equipment.


Through Grayline IT, it is possible to obtain a total relocation package from a single source thereby eliminating potential conflict between service providers.